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DYNAPURE Wholesale Distribution Program

Dynapure’s Wholesale Program provides “best in the industry” wholesale pricing so you can build your own CBD business and participate in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  Take a minute to learn about our wholesale program and our unique certified organic product line.

About Us

DYNAPURE CBD was established by Johnny Fanucci and Jeremy Vasquez with the desire to create something special that would help bring wellness and value to others, naturally. It can be difficult to find the right high-quality products that you can trust and that truly meet your needs. In this stage of the game, quality products with unique features at a price that you can sell, are essential ingredients for success. DYNAPURE’s founders combined their many years of industry experience to formulate a truly unique product line designed to deliver something unique to the industry that provides their wholesale customers with something they can sell.

The Highest Quality Products with an Important Difference



DYNAPURE and partners remain a leader in the competitive CBD industry. Every CBD product we sell is GMP certified, as well as third-party laboratory tested to confirm buyers’ safety and to verify the DYNAPURE DIFFERENCE – where each product has more than just CBD to support our claims that they address each specific ailment.  Other CBD manufacturers can’t say this, making it easier and safer to sell & to advertise & promote our products.

We Have The Products that Retailers Want…


March ’22 study showed most CBD Sleep products are mislabeled; DYNAPURE’s is certified to be what we say it is!



Sell the CBD that the NIH study says inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication.




Our CBD has other ingredients that make selling it to relax easier and safer. 


Stress & Anxiety

DYNAPURE’s CBD has been formulated for stress & anxiety and has other ingredients studied by the NIH to support those claims.


Muscle & Joint Relief

Our products have added ingredients independently tested & certified to promote specific ailments.



Why would you sell DYNAPURE CBD over some other brand?  Well in addition to the unique qualities of the product itself, the attractive & informative packaging and labels we offer our wholesale distributors this unique set of offers:  

  • Sell the top USDA Certified Organic Brand
  • DYNAPURE’s attractive, eye-catching packaging
  • Affordable PREMIUM products
  • The highest quality CBD available. 
  • All our CBD has a unique selling proposition – they are each custom formulated with CBD & other ingredients that address each category of ailment. 
  • Quick turn-around time on all orders.
  • All our products have been tested and certified by an independent lab (COA’s). 
  • Our customer service takes pride in knowing you by name! 
  • $250 minimum orders
  • No minimum number of units required
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Easy in-person ordering line
  • Quick turn-around time on all orders
  • No cost to become a wholesaler
  • Wholesale advertising support materials

What do you need to do to become a wholesaler?


Apply here to become a


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Activate your account and start shopping!



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